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23rd Halloween Alleycat Scramble!
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Friday, October 30th, 7:30 pm
Schwedter Steg



I am writing this in English in the remote hope, that some of people who started to followed me on Strava, will read this.

The reason I started and the reason I finished this endeavor are not the same. I thought this up, in order to motivate me to work VERY much, in order to make enough money to book my plane ticket to next years CMWC in Melbourne. I did something similar last year, but then the goal was a certain amount of money, which did not go down well with some of my colleagues, because after all we are Germans, and one does not talk about money... whatever. So something had to be done.

At first I thought of 5000 km. But then I didnt sound hard enough. Four times the five was way more appealing. I sat together with my friends and talked it over with them. They said even 5000 was insane and after a while I agreed. We had a couple of beers, maybe also so booze. Anyway. I went home, sat in front of my computer, with a comfortable buzz, and there it was again: This nagging thought, that 5000 just is not enough, hence the 5555 was published. That was the Oct. 4th, and I was leaving for Dresden the next morning to ride some hills that weekend. It was a group of people, most of which I did not know. It turned out, they were not as ambitious as me (I also had the advantage spending two weeks in the alps prior to that, which boosted my fitness magnificently). So after a day of riding, I was 50 km short, but I did not have the heart to mess up the social feel to the weekend and collect the missing km, while the group was going out to eat together, the second day, I "lost" another 30 km. Also, I did not track parts of the first days of October. Long story short, I started a good 100 km short.

Until last Saturday (Oct 25th), the combination of working very much and in the evening collecting the missing km worked pretty well, apart from the fact, that I spent Saturdays on the road bike, not working but cruising through the countryside. I made good money, not as much as I could have done without this crazy plan, but it has to be said, that it kept me from drinking and wasting time on media consumption, so it might have been a nice trade-of. From the 25th onward my day/night rhythm changed, as I could not motivate myself to start early and the times I could, I spent on organizing Berlin's famous Halloween Alleycat (the 22nd edition!). So, I've spent the last weeks nights on the bike, which was a very interesting experience, but kept me from making more money.

It was a great experience, ranging from desperation to great high flying euphoria. The whole variety cycling gives you, from bad (which are also kind of great) to the amazing, indescribable highs we all know.

I want to say thank you to all the people who supported me. It was a three week limit testing and advancing for me and it made me realize that friends and family are so important and I should tell them that, hug them extra long from time to time and more often then not just tell them how great I think they are and how much I appreciate them being there (for me).

There is of course also other kind of support, which is great. In my case it is in form of the best bike shop in Berlin the Keirin Cycle Culture Café that serves a mean good coffee among other things and then there is the produced of my beloved custom bamboo bike frame, Ozon Cyclery. I am riding there frames since 2009 (I think), and I just love everything about them. Well, most of all, I like that there are virtually indestructible and still pretty light (mine is just under 2 kg). Dan, Stefan, I love you guys! Thank you for creating the ride I always dreamt of.

During this year's CMWC in Mexico. On a highway between Guadalajara and Tequila.