Yeah! We had a nice meeting with the one and only Jan from cyclecap today and he showed us his all new cap! What a funny lad. As you may know he massivly supports the international urban cycling and cycle messenger scene since some time now. His caps went through great lengths of development and since Jan does not want to settle for anything but the best he now has a product, that is most likely (one of) the best caps available. It is fully manufactured in Berlin and has a great quality in shape, material and endurance. Of course, such a high quality product comes with a price, witch is 30 €. Too much you think? We dont. For a long lasting product, wich is manufactured in our very own city (fabric excluded), under good working conditions plus the possibility to send your cap in, in case the elastic band breaks the price is totally reasonable. In addition, we all have some opportunities to win on the caps, because cyclecap's generous support and sponsoring keeps on coming!

Now to the best part. We are making a great collaboration!

Fahrtwind Berlin cyclecap

Oh yeah, Fahrtwind caps. And it gets better: We will screen print the caps when we print the new shirts and Jan made us an incredible offer so that we can offer the collabo caps at a much better price. As allways we dont make profit with the caps.

Word on the street is that cyclecap will have a relaunch of their web site when the new cap is out. Keep your eyes peeled. Also check'em out on Facebook.

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