One of our more recent trips was an amazing four day ride/city visit from our home town to Prague! It was amazing! We used a four days weekend (holidays and one day off), to take our single speeds and respectively fixed gear bike to take us from Berlin to Dresden (Thursday). We had pretty strong headwinds but Florian is a decent wind shield so it was not too bad for the Jost and me. The route is very flat, so we had enough energy for a couple of hefty sprints. Florian did an impressive top speed of 53 km/h on even ground with his 2.4 ratio, that is approximately 170 rounds per minute!! Can you dig it?! I was happy with my 48 km/h with a 2.6 ratio.

We slept in an amazing hostel! We totally recommend that to anyone. It was so nice all over: Nice showers, nice staff, good beds, good house, good location and an amazing breakfast for the even more amazing price of 5 €. It is called Louise 20. After we went to the recommended burger joint and another restaurant we went to bed, cause our Friday promised to be pretty exciting: 170 km with about 2000 m worth of heights all on single speed/fixed. Check out the route!

It was so beautiful, both physically and the view.

Yeah and we met a Lama along the way, who figures?
It was really hard climbing all that especially with the headwinds still strong. But for me as the fixed gear rider the descents were also very challenging. I was screaming like a school girl - so much fun!

Rolling into Prague is a ball! It goes downhill for minutes, the street turning and turning so that you are asking yourself why it you dont cross it again. Super fun. There were some confusion with the hotel we booked, which was hard for us to take because we were kinda tired, but it turned out that the substitute we got was way more fancy and held a neat opportunity for us... later more. We went to the Chinese restaurant across the street and ate a bunch and of cause had some beer. First Prague highlight was the Chinese grandma sitting across the room burping constantly, hilarious!

The next day was filled with sightseeing and just walking through Prague:

Beautiful weather! We stopped in a park with an outdoor restaurant, ate and had beer. A lot of it actually - it is Prague after all. As we finally got back to the hotel we took the bikes to the room, for the next days preparations and then it was that I came up with the most intriguing idea: RIDING THE HOTEL CORRIDORS! The corridor was a full square, so you would not have to turn around, only corner sharply. ROCK'N'ROLL. Nough said.

Florian compiled this compelling video.

PRAGUE MAY 2012 from Florian on Vimeo.

The way back to Dresden was like flying. Perfect wind and perfect weather. Also I won the sprint to Dresden without even realizing it...

Perfect weekend!!

All pictures taken by Florian
Berlin - Dresden route
Dresden - Prague
Prague - Dresden, flat

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