I want to thank you for being as great as you are. You took good care of me. The people, that make you what you are, are amazing. I feel as if I've experienced what musicians descriped some forty years ago. You are a wonderous place...

Not only your people are wonderful. Also the plain sight of your hilly streets evoke a feeling of awe and excitement. The neat grid structure of most parts of you combined with your hills allow us to look far within your guts. At least on a sunny day. Which leads me to another of your beauties - your sky. Never before have clouds fascinated me as much as those above you did. Sitting in Dolores Park and watching the dense, literally overwhelming clouds rolling in over Twin Peaks is such a sight, that it is impossible for me to find the neccessary words. Add the your strong September Sun slowly setting behind that sight, and you truly have an urban natural wonder which doesn't compare.

Sunset seen from Soma

With dusk another side of you arises. The Tenderloin brings out its creeps and victims of decades of drug abuse and your police force set their gun's safety switches off. The General Hospital prepares to take in the ODed creeps and the victims of police violence equally. My friends at  TCB take the last pulls of whatever they choose to fill their powerful lungues with and one after the other is called away from the benches to their respective restaurants, each rider knowing, that the next 4 hours are intensly filled with stress, hectic and hopefully good tippers.

Of course you are so much more. There is so much more to discover, like the lovely understated hipness of the Outter Sunset and the extravaganza of the Castro. Naked Men sitting in the sun at 17th and Market, while Orphan Andy's burst out of it seems for every man and woman is craving for their lovely pancakes and the complimentary chat with Woody or one of the inspiring guests. Neither is one ought to forget of you being located in California. The Golden Gate Bridge brings us into the Marin Headlands, the uncompared adventure playground, which every cyclist craves for. Or a ride through stunningly rich Sausalito leads me to Mt. Tamalpais... But still there is so much more to ride. For example the sandy trails of the Golden Gate Park, who doesnt love a tiny adventure in a place so near and so exciting...

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