To me cycling is intertwined with the communities behind it. They work!

It is early December. Two terribly depressed months lay behind me. I am finally back on the street working and getting my life in order. My phone beeps. A message from Paris! That alone is pretty cool. It is Pistar, asking if his sister and her friends can stay at my place. I love to have guests! After a little back and forth with him and his sister it is settled: For ten days I'll have a gang of four Parisians in my one-room-apartment.

Long story short, four strangers turned into great friends, once again. I have lived many more stories like that. This is a thank you to all the people I got to know through cycling. Thank you, Rachel! Thank you, Pauline! Thank you, Arnau! Thank you, Max! Thank you, Loic! Thank you, Kylan! Thank you, Chihiro! Thank you, Ned! Thank you, Shannon! Thank you, community! Thank you, cycling!

I hope to get to know more people, get a chance to listen to what they got to say and become a richer man along the way.

Do you use Do you make friends cycling? Does cycling enriches your life in other ways? I'd love to read a comment!

This is the physical result of my latest encounter.

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